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11 facts you didn’t know about KU

The University of Kansas is well-known for its scientific research and embracing the unknown. In that spirit, here are fun facts you should know about KU while considering where to study!

1. Students come from 105 different countries.


The student population is 15% multicultural and comes from 105 countries and all 50 US states. You’ll get to meet a variety of smart, interesting people from all around the world!

2. You can choose from more than 200 fields of study.


Learning is a top priority. Pick from 200+ fields of study and 345+ degree programs, from science to business to liberal arts.

3. Scientific discovery is especially popular at KU.


For instance, did you know that the scientist who discovered vitamins A and D graduated from KU? No wonder KU is ranked #4 when it comes to National Institutes of Health grants and contracts for pharmacy research.

4. KU alumni go on to do great things.


Famous graduates include Benjamin Hall (who co-developed a hepatitis B vaccine), Anand Burman (Chairman of Dabur India, a $3.1 billion consumer goods company), and multiple award-winning writers and journalists.

5. Did we mention 3 NASA astronauts?


KU graduates Joe Engle, Ronald Evans and Steve Hawley have all been to outer space. That’s a lot of “star” power!

6. Or the 26 Rhodes Scholars?


In addition to the 26 Rhodes Scholars, KU also has 429 Fulbright Award Winners.

7. Plus, 10,000+ companies partner with KU.


That includes some companies you might have heard about? You know, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Samsung and Ford (their CEO also went to KU!).

8. There are 60 alumni chapters worldwide.


So meeting other cool KU graduates is easy, wherever you are.

9. There’s a lot to do while you’re on campus.


There are more than 600 student organizations and clubs across a variety of interests, from academics to athletics to cultural pursuits.

10. And the city of Lawrence offers a lot of fun too.Shopping 

You’ll find more than 1,000 shopping and dining options in town. Perfect for taking a break from studying.

11. Students have lots of cool traditions to share together.


Like The Whistle, which for nearly 100 years has signaled the end of class each hour. How cool is that?

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