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3 Stress-Free Studying Tips for Finals Week

HardWorkingStudents.jpgIt is necessary for college students to have good study habits, that is because good study habits typically determine your grade and GPA. Therefore, good study habits are essential if you want to succeed at university.

Here are some good study tips to maintain or increase your GPA, and make it through finals week.                                                                                        

1. Good Notes Produce Good Grades


Generally, your study habits are a by-product of the notes that you take. In order for you to study effectively, it is essential that you take good notes. However, taking good notes does not come naturally to each student. The secret to taking good notes is to write the key points of the lecture or textbook, without writing down everything you read or hear.

If you’re worried you missed the meaning of the lecture or don’t understand the information covered in the textbook, professor’s encourage you to visit them during their office hours. Also, students may record lectures in order to listen to them later, in order to review their notes and to use as study material. Just make sure that you get permission from your professor’s first!

2. Try to Be Organized


Make and plan and develop a calendar that contains all your commitments, which includes but is not limited to, daily homework, school projects, social events, and extracurricular activities. Using a calendar as a way to prioritize your commitments makes setting aside time to study much easier.

Another helpful tip that will help you become more studious, is to organize materials for each class. Using sticky notes, highlighters, and note cards will help you remember and highlight important information, as well as providing a quick and efficient way to save time when trying to find important information discussed in class. Also, keeping past assignments and making note cards are practical tools used for studying.

3. Reward Yourself and Avoid Distractions


While technology such as computers can positively benefit students with their schoolwork, computers can also become a horrible distraction for college students. Try to set boundaries for yourself, such as NO Facebook or Twitter during class or study time. Also, reward yourself while you are studying by taking a 10 minute break every hour or so. So remember to take breaks when your work is done. It is important to rest so that you stay refreshed and mentally sharp.


These are three study tips for both International students and American students. We hope these tips can help you. If you have any question, please leave your ideas below.

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