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5 Things You Need to Know as a New International Student

Adapting to college is tough enough, let alone doing this all by yourself in a new country. At KU AAP blog, we have been sharing useful information on American university life and culture. Just in case you have not had a chance to check them out, here are our handpicked 5 must-knows to help you settle down with ease.

Tip 1. Freshmen year is always filled with awkward things


Don’t worry if you don’t understand a reference to something American, or use an American phrase incorrectly. Remember, that happens to everyone else! Also, lots of cool things will happen freshman year. You’ll be a sophomore soon enough.

Tip 2. Learning about college and American culture helps you to fit in quickly

Photo by Jeff and Laura Jacobsen via Kansas Athletics

For example, sports is an essential component of university life for American students. As you probably know already, KU has wonderful football and basketball teams. Why not join others in those popular pastimes? You’ll learn about the culture while having fun.

Tip 3. There is a lot of support to help you get over homesickness


Homesick is common among international students, especially after the excitement of starting college fades away. The good news is that there are lots of ways to cope. Check out our suggestions on how to stay connected to home and feel more at school at school.

Tip 4. Making friends isn’t as hard as you think


Yes, we know, it’s easier said than done. What about some specific tactics? If you are still not sure where to start, use our cheat sheet to start a conversation. The only suggestion: practice makes perfect. Even if you feel shy about your accent or not knowing every word, remember that if you don’t “use” your English, you risk “losing” it.

Tip 5. American food is not only about burgers


There is a lot more for you to explore! Whether you want to get some calories, or make your friends drool, we have what you would be hungry for… it’s delicious, delicious learning.

Just one more thing…

The best way to learn about American culture is to start with your town! In fact, we have a lot more detailed information in KU AAP Student Handbook, including places to eat and have fun around campus. Check it out now and start your exploration!


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