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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July


Staying in the USA during the summer? International students can have a lot of fun celebrating the Fourth of July!

This patriotic holiday, also known as Independence Day, is a great chance to experience American culture. Here are 8 popular ways to celebrate the anniversary of the USA declaring independence from Great Britain in 1776.

1. Wear Red, White, and Blue

No matter how you spend your 4th of July, go for a festive outfit. You’ll show your patriotic spirit and look great. Bringing an adorable kitten is optional.

2. Have a BBQ with Friends

Fourth of July weekend is a popular time to have a barbecue (sometimes spelled BBQ). That means grilling delicious, delicious food. So really, it’s your patriotic duty to hang out with friends and eat way too much.

3. Watch a Parade

Many cities have a Fourth of July parade, where you can watch fun costumes, marching bands and a whole lot of American flags. Remember to wear sunscreen and cheer extra loud. And eat some ice cream. 

4. Visit Washington D.C.

You’re sure to have a great weekend full of parades, concerts and amazing monuments throughout the nation’s capital. You can even see the Declaration of Independence on display at the National Archives!

5. Go to a Baseball Game

Baseball is called America’s game, so why not celebrate by seeing a game live? If you’re confused by what’s going on, just complain about the umpires and eat another hot dog. You’ll fit right in.

6. Visit a Museum

Why not use the holiday as a chance to learn more about America’s past? Bonus: Many museums offer discounted admission to college students. Knowledge is priceless, and it’s even better when the price is less.

7. Watch Independence Day

If the USA could handle the 18th century British army, aliens with spaceships don’t stand a chance. So make some popcorn and watch the fun action movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith.

8. Enjoy the Fireworks!

Finally, take a break from all the fun events and delicious food. Like America itself, a fireworks show is loud, exciting and best enjoyed with some friends. No wonder watching fireworks is a big Fourth of July tradition!


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