Welcome to the Academic Accelerator Program at University of Kansas!

Soon you’ll be on campus. How exciting! There is a lot to consider before you arrive. While moving to a new country can be intimidating, we’re here for you. Follow the seven steps below to make sure you have everything in place before you board the plane.

Select Your Advisor

We have a team of dedicated personal advisors whose job it is to make sure all your questions are answered and to ensure you have a smooth transition to the university.

Before you start on any of the steps below, contact your local personal advisor. Simply select your region of the world below, and send your advisor an email, Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat message. We look forward to meeting you very soon!

North Asia

Middle East/North Africa

Russia/Central Asia/Eastern Europe

UK and Western Europe

North America

North America

Latin America

Latin America



South Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia



Abbie (North Asia excluding Korea)

Tel:+852 8481 0532 Whatsapp:+852 8481 0532Email Abbie

Chris (Southwest)

Tel:+1-508-948-7542WhatsApp+1-508-948-7542WeChat:chris040594Email Chris

Alice (Northwest)

Tel:+1-857-315-8730WhatsApp:+1-857-315-8730WeChataliceqinusEmail Alice

Taha (Pakistan)

Tel:+92-307-333-6878WhatsApp:+92-307-333-6878Skype:tshahid29Email Taha

Ajith (India)

Tel:+91-971-722-2408WhatsApp:+91-971-722-2408Skype:ajitks10Email Ajith

Ekta (India)

Tel:+91-965-001-0409WhatsApp+91-965-001-0409Skypeekta.aneja05Email Ekta

Bibiane (Korea)

Tel:+82-10-7711-6538WhatsApp:+82-10-7711-6538Email Bibiane

Doris (South China)

Tel+86-150-1870-6751QQ2282183545Email Doris


Tel:+34 692 46 41 16WhatsApp:+34 692 46 41 16Skype:marianna.zubenkoEmail Marianna

Chau (Vietnam)

Tel:+84-908-792-892WhatsApp:+84-908-792-892Skype:diemchau.dtEmail Chau

Shayan (Pakistan)

Tel:+92-335-822-0020WhatsApp:+92-335-822-0020Skype:shayanchawlaEmail Shayan


WhatsApp:+234-703-414-1021Skype:Tomi AfilakaTel:+234-703-414-1021Email Tomi

Hoang (Vietnam)

WhatsApp:+84-937-225-295Skype:hoangvtb1983Tel:+84-937-225-295Email Hoang

Saranya (Excluding Vietnam)

WhatsApp:+66-96-982-0007Skype:awesome.saranyaTel:+66-96-982-0007Email Saranya

Sakshi (India)

WhatsApp:+91-995-351-0160Skype:arorasakshi187Tel:+91-995-351-0160Email Sakshi


WhatsApp:+91-895-004-9050Skype:sonam.parashar3Tel:+91-999-647-1494Email Sonam


WhatsApp:+91-972-501-2676Tel:+91-972-501-2676Email Unnati

Viraja (South & West India)

WhatsApp:+91 7028090894Skype:+91 7028090894Tel:+91 7028090894Email Viraja

Annie (South China)

QQ:1738675071Tel:+86-135-7055-0749Email Annie

Jane (West China)

QQ:713070180Tel:+86.159.2876.6884Email Jane

Lisha (North China)

QQ:18310168200Tel:+86-183-1016-8200Email Lisha

Mark (Central China)

QQ:15800624575Tel:+86-158-0062-4575Email Mark

Vicky (North China)

WeChatvickychen7910Tel:+86-135-2182-7910Email Vicky

What to do before you arrive on campus

You should apply for your visa as soon as possible. It requires an interview with the U.S. embassy and can sometimes take several weeks to schedule.

Please visit usembassy.gov to learn more about scheduling your visa appointment. The website also has information on what to expect and the documentation you will need to take with you for your interview. Here are other links that might be helpful to you: visa appointment and processing wait timevisa photo requirementsvisa application and I-901 Fee and study in the states.

Notify your personal Enrollment Advisor of the date and Embassy of your visa appointment.

Check out two videos below that will help you on how to apply and prepare for your visa interview.

How to Apply for Your F-1 Student Visa
Visa Interview Preparation for Students

Download this useful Immigration Guide to help you learn more about the process for getting your F-1 visa.

When purchasing your travel ticket to your new city, plan to arrive on or before your scheduled move-in day.

We are so excited for you to join us on campus! To ensure a smooth transition to your new home, plan to arrive on or before August 9, your official move-in day. Airport pick up will be available for flights landing at the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) between 6 am and midnight CDT August 1, 2, 8, and 9. More information about reserving airport pick up is available in iHawk. Once you book your flights, you must fill out the student arrival form.

Making your payment in full at least two weeks before you arrive will help avoid delays with enrollment. Before you begin, please make sure you have your acceptance letter as you will need to refer to the the seven-digit KU ID number in the letter.

Submit payment for tuition and fees:

  • Flywire by Peer Transfer: Please visit KUAAP flywire portal to complete the transfer process. Please note that you can not use a U.S. credit card or U.S. bank account.
All students are required to have a KU ID and email set up to access the first part of International Student Orientation from home, before arriving to campus.  Here are the instructions on how to create your ID and email.
All incoming students are required to respond to pre-arrival questions and submit all of the immigration documents prior to enrolling in classes. If you are arriving on Aug. 1, 2, 8, or 9 between 6 am and midnight CDT, you can request airport pickup. Begin the process and learn more here.
Students have the option to live on campus or off campus. Click here  to review options. After deciding your housing plans submit your housing preference form.
All KU Academic Accelerator incoming students must send their final transcripts from high school and any university-level coursework. If you have taken any additional tests, send those official results (e.g. SAT, ACT, IB, A/AS Levels, AP).
Send all documents (transcripts and/or test scores) to:
KU International Admissions
1450 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 45
Lawrence, KS 66045
Contact your local personal advisor for additional options to submit your final academic documents.

Helpful Resources

Capitol building icon
Next Steps Brochure

This useful brochure is full of information on your I-20 paperwork required for your visa, what you should pack, and other tips to prepare you for your arrival to the KU campus.

Capitol building icon
Immigration Guide

This guide will help you learn more about the process for getting your F-1 visa and arriving in Kansas.

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Pre-Arrival Checklist

Check off everything on this list to ensure you have completed all the steps before you arrive and bring everything you need to the KU campus.

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Want to stay connected with us while your student attends the University of Kansas? Sign up for newsletters or in-person sessions during their new student orientation.

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Academic Calendar

Plan ahead! This calendar tells you when class starts and ends, and when holidays and exams are happening.

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Academic Accelerator Program Information

The video will walk through how to find information about your Academic Accelerator Programs i.e. Pre-AAP, AAP 2, AAP 3, and IAP, on our website.

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