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CAP: Experiential Learning

This week in the Career Advancement Program, students began their experiential learning module, which focuses on learning outside the classroom. Here are some of the topics that were discussed in this week’s class.

The Advantages of Experiential Learning

1) Becoming a well-rounded applicant

Getting good grades and attending class isn’t enough to land you a job now-a-days. Employers want to know you can do the work, and that’s going to come from their knowledge of your professional experience.

2) Learning more about yourself

How can you discover your talents without using them, or how can you learn what you can do without trying? You can’t, but through experiential learning you can find what talents make you unique.

Next Steps

During the class, under the leadership of Assistant Director Rhiannon Racy, students began brainstorming about the kinds of experiences they could begin participating in at the University of Kansas. This included a brainstorming activity where students listed activities they have already participated in (so they could learn from each other’s experiences) and also activites they would like to take part in in the future.

Some of the good ideas that the group came up with were: volunteering, shadowing professionals in related fields, internships, and even specific student clubs on campus.

Looking back

As the session closed, students reflected on the benefits they learned from their past experiential learning situations. After going around the room and hearing other students’ experiences, students were motivated to continue to learn through experiential learning upon realizing the valuable skills they had gained. These skills they gained included: stronger communication, relational, and organizational skills–which would be helpful in any future job. 

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