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Career Fair: Three Things You Need to Know


In the last Career Advancement Meeting, students prepared to attend the University Career Fair and the Engineering Career Fair. Attending the University Career Fair is a great way for students to learn more about organizations and meet professionals in the industries they would like to work.

Meeting recruiters at a career fair is a good first step for students to build their professional network, and making meaningful connections now will help students achieve their career goals later, because these connections can provide invaluable advice to help students build their career path as well as inform them about potential career opportunities.

Have a strategy


Before attending the Career Fair, it is important to have a strategy. If you haven’t been to a career fair before, you probably don’t know what you should wear, what to bring, who to talk to, or how to prepare yourself before talking to future employers.

So let’s start with the first question of what you should wear? Because you want to make a lasting first impression, you want to make sure that you dress for success. That means a suit and tie for guys, and either a dress or suit, or something professional for the girls.

Next up, what should you bring? You should always bring an updated version of your resume, and be sure to bring multiple copies.

The next question to answer is who do you talk to? It is important to know prior to attending the career fair that hundreds of businesses are going to be there. If you don’t go in with an idea of who you want to talk to, then you will most likely be overwhelmed once you get there. Make sure to go online and check the list of all the companies that will be at the Career Fair. This will allow you to narrow down the list of companies in your career field that you are interested in.

Finally, the last question to answer is how do you prepare to talk to employers at the Career Fair. KU offers many workshops, including mock interviews and elevator pitches (introducing and pitching yourself to someone in a brief amount of time that highlights your professional skills), prior to the Career Fair that will help you learn how to professionally market yourself to employers.

Be confident and do your research

Doing research on the employers that you want to talk to at the career fair is a very wise thing to do. Researching the values, philosophies, new products, or new initiatives of an organization can really impress the recruiters because it shows that you have really done your homework.

Lastly, be confident in yourself! Know your strengths and go into the career fair with confidence of what you’re capable of. You can do it, believe in yourself!



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