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Catching up with CAP – A Lesson on LinkedIn

giphy_major_key.gifAt this week’s CAP meeting, students built profiles on LinkedIn, a professional social media platform. LinkedIn is a tool we have mentioned in previous posts, but this session gave students an introduction to building a good profile. Having a LinkedIn profile is a major key to success in any job or internship search.

During the CAP session, students created their profiles by selecting a professional photo, creating a creative headline, starting a descriptive summary, and listing their education, experience, and organizations that they have joined.

While teaching the lesson, University Career Center Assistant Director Rhiannon Racy shared several tips with students for building their online brand and demonstrating great experiences to potential employers.

The following advice is taken from a LinkedIn publication along with our commentary:

1. Be real


It is best to be honest and focus on what makes you stand out.

2. Avoid clichés


Many people say they are creative, team-focused, and have extensive experience, so try to use words that are more distinctive.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups


Joining groups can help you learn about industries that interest you.

4. Personalize your messages


Sending customized messages instead of the generic, automated versions shows the recipient that you took the time to create something intended just for them.

5. Be generous


Endorse your connections skills and congratulate your connections on their success.

Building a strong LinkedIn profile is a process, so check back in soon to see how students in the CAP program are building their personal brand.


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