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Helpful Links

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Read the Blog

Follow along as KU's Undergraduate Accelerator students share their stories of succeeding in the classroom, participating in fun campus events and enjoying the American college experience.

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Check out the Academic Accelerator Calendar

The Student Services Department creates a full calendar of events designed specifically for the Undergraduate Accelerator Students.

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The University Calendar

There is always something to do at KU! This calendar includes all the exciting events happening on and off campus.

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Find an Undergraduate Academic Advisor

First-year students at KU are advised by the University Advising Center.
Advisors can provide helpful information about choosing a major,
and creating a 4-year academic plan.

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Locate a Tutor

The Academic Achievement and Access Center (AAAC) provides a range of
services to KU students, including accommodations for students with disabilities,
tutoring, and other assistance.

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Improve your Writing

The KU Writing Center has trained peer consultants to provide support,
feedback and samples to help KU students with their writing.

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The Point

The Applied English Center provides a learning center where students can
get assistance with classwork.

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Immigration Help

International Student Services manages all international students and scholars’ immigration
documents. They also host a variety of special programs, events and activities.

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Get Involved on Campus

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center provides students to co-curricular experiences, registered university organizations and provides leadership education experiences for students.

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