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High-Achieving AAP Students Gain Acceptance into Prestigious Honors Program

The KU Honors program is one of the oldest and most prestigious public university honors programs in the country. Students have an array of honors courses to choose from, a dedicated advising team, and numerous events and activities to help students grow and develop as scholars. The Honors program is located across from the residence halls with a dedicated study space, classrooms, and additional resources and amenities, making it convenient for all Honors scholars to connect with one another and thrive in their studies.

Applying to the Honors program is appealing to several of the AAP students as they near progression. In fact, AAP students who have applied for the Honors Program have had a nearly 100 percent acceptance rate.

Yinxian Wang.jpgTwo AAP students have recently been accepted into the KU Honors program beginning in the spring semester. We sat down with one of our Honors Program students, Yinxian Wang to talk about how he learned about the Honors Program and the process he went through to apply for the program.

How did you hear about the Honors Program?

The first time I heard the Honors Program was last semester when I was in the biology lab, I heard a student who was in the same group with me said he is in the Honors Program, he’s living in the scholarship hall, and he can enroll for the next semester ahead of all of others.

What was interesting to you about applying to the Honors Program?

The most interesting part of the applying process I think was when Tori Phillips, Assistant Director of Students Services helped me to brainstorm ideas for the essays required for applying the Honors Program. There was one of the essays asked “What do you hope your Honors experience will be like?”, Tori suggested to me to think about something that I experienced in a community, like the AAP, so I recalled so many interesting things that I experienced in the last year but I almost forgot, like meeting my first Saudi Arabian friend and founding out how our hometowns are different from each other; or the signature events the AAP organized which helped me explore the US culture.

What steps did you take in applying to the Honors Program?

When Tori had shown me the opportunity for applying to the Honors Program, I first went to their webpage to see the details about the program, then I made an appointment with Tori to brainstorm ideas for the essays to apply. At the same time when I was working on my essays, I made an appointment with the advisor from the university career center to update my resume. After all the materials were ready, I submitted them online to apply for the Honors Program.

How did you find that you were accepted?

I received an email on the last Thursday at the end of the fall semester, when I read it that night after my last final, I was so happy that I was accepted by the Honors Program. I felt I could have a great winter break after a long semester and all the finals.

What do you look forward to in becoming part of the Honors Program?

The Honors Program provides opportunities to talk to faculty members as mentors who can help me clarify my future goals, it can be a good chance for me to build relationships with them for academic support. At the same time, I can be a part of a community with like-minded students, build relationships with my classmates, and we can help each other to succeed. Also, it can provide me an opportunity to use my theoretical knowledge for more practical applications, push me to reach my intellectual potential and challenge my intellectual and academic boundaries. By sharing multiple classes with the same group of students, I believe I could build more strong networks and share my culture with other students, making the community more diverse.

What advice would you give to other students interested in applying to the Honors Program?

I would say keeping a high GPA is fundamental for the Honors Program, because the Honors is based on academics first. The purpose of the Honors program is to gather a group of like-minded students together and guide them to reach their higher potential, so study hard, do your best on every course you take. Working and volunteering experience could be also important. Participating in more campus events will not only make our resumes look better, but also develop our social skills. Finally, involve in the events associated with your personal interests would also be helpful.

Interested in learning more…

Student can apply if they earn strong grades, challenge themselves through new experiences, and are actively involved with their campus community. Link to learn more, click here.

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