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Highlights from KU’s first International Talent Show


How did you spend Saturday, December 6th? For over 70 international and domestic students, the highlight of their day was attending the first ever International Talent Show! Organized by the KU Academic Accelerator Program and the International Student Organization, it was a big hit with both performers and audience members.


The exciting event at Alderson Auditorium did more than give students a chance to display their dance and musical talents. It also showcased a spirit of cultural celebration and bonding.


Like everyone else there, I was very impressed by the performances, including:

  • The traditional welcome dance from Indonesia
  • Chinese folk songs
  • Peruvian dance of the native tribes along the Amazon river
  • Indian classical songs with Bollywood elements
  • Stunning dance representing contemporary Indian dance culture


The audience was also treated to a beautiful classical guitar piece of Peruvian waltz and the original flamenco style composition called “Love Tango.”


TalentShow_Artie_2014DecTo help foster mutual understanding across cultures from around the world, the young artists shared the significance of their performance and talked about their inspiration. To add excitement in between performances, we raffled off valuable prizes courtesy of the talent show hosts.


The first International Talent Show was hosted by a KU AAP advisor from Russia and an ISA board member from the UK, which reinforced the message that friendship knows no borders. The event reached its climax when all performers received a round of applause and a golden trophy with a star named after them.


You don’t want to miss the next International Talent Show. We’ll let you know when the next one is happening, so you can join in the fun, food and friendship. In the meantime, check out the photos below and start thinking about what you could perform. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!



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