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How to Spend Winter Break in Lawrence

Staying in Lawrence for winter break? Here are some popular activities for making the most of your time off. So you don’t wind up bored like this guy:



One day, cat. One day you’ll learn to read. Until he does, check out these tips and have fun in his honor.

Want to spend time with a friend?


It’s common for American students to invite their international friends to stay with them during winter break. Why not say yes? You’ll get to bond with your friend and see someplace new. Ask your friend what his or her family likes, and bring it as a gift for their hospitality.

Want to get to know your town better?


Skip the stress of traveling and explore your own area. Now you can make good use of student discounts and discover cool things that you can go back to throughout the year. Think of all the cool stories and recommendations you’ll have when your friends are back.

Want to be productive?


There’s a lot you can get done without the usual distractions. Visit Career Services for job opportunities, or ask a professor if there are any projects you can help with over break. You can also get a head start on your next semester – contact your professors to get the syllabi and reading lists.

Want to be lazy?


There’s nothing quite like doing, well, nothing. It’s been a long semester and you deserve a chance to relax. So watch some television. Read that book your friend let you borrow two months ago. Or take inspiration from bored winter cat and sleep 19 hours a day. It’s all up to you – it’s your winter break!

Want to embrace variety?


Consider winter break your chance to volunteer, hunt down after-holiday sales or even, you know, spend time outdoors. You could also dedicate your winter break to trying a new activity, cuisine or hobby each day. Deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have discounts on lots of local activities.

Want to explore?


The Midwest is a big place. You could take a road trip, or drive somewhere new. Driving will help you see more as you travel, and you can stop at cool things along the way. Or look for cheap flights and fly. Either way, go see a cool place you want to visit, or ask American friends for suggestions. Consider staying at a hostel because they’re affordable and give you the chance to meet other travelers.

Know someone in the USA?


This is a great opportunity to visit a cousin in New York or a friend in California. Not only will you get to see someone you know, but you’ll also get to experience more of the USA. Plus, your loved one will likely have some ideas for fun things to see and do in his or her city.


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