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KU AAP Easter Event

Happy Easter from the KU AAP! This Easter Sunday, we organized an Easter Bash to celebrate and introduce students to some fun American traditions. We had a delicious picnic on the grass around Potter Lake, a highly competitive Easter Egg Hunt (the winner found 80 eggs!), and played several intense games of “ninja”.

Food Fun


David, a KU AAP student services advisor, Jinni, and Hadef, both KU AAP students, demonstrate the right way to eat a hotdog. Hotdogs aren’t typical Easter meals, but they are perfect for picnics.

3rd Time’s the Charm


Heathem and Jinni pose with proof of Jinni’s third place award in the Easter egg competition. We gave students a limited amount of time to collect as many Easter eggs as they could…the winner found 80 eggs!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Exhausted from their hard work, KU AAP students take a small lunch break. Students flash their “peace” signs at the camera, and eat some traditional American picnic foods, hotdogs and hamburgers!



There can only be one number one, and that was Shiran. Shiran moved as fast as possible during the egg hunt to collect over 80 eggs! She was crowned champion, but will she retain her title next year?

Ninja Battles


No picnic is complete without a game of “ninja”. Students faced off is a fun battle of speed and strategy. The point of the game is to tap your opponents hand without being touched yourself. Thats how you stay “in” while elminating your opponents. The game is very popular with KU AAP students.

Friends Forever


These two are inseparable. David and Akshay show their brotherly friendship by posing for the camera. KU AAP students and advisors spend a lot of time together and are very close.

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