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KU Awarded Bronze as Top Bicycle Friendly University in the United States

The University of Kansas was awarded a bronze by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly University, joining 164 colleges and universities from across the country. Despite a hilly campus terrain, this was no surprise to our students and staff of this announcement.

“KU is a great campus to bike around.  The area is extremely consolidated, so it’s really easy to bike from one building to another.  It’s also only a five-minute ride downtown.  Lawrence is great, because there is a strong bicycling culture, and I can bike all-year round!” says Will Armstrong, KUAAP Graduate Assistant


Efforts in making KU a more bike friendly campus has been a goal, and current research projects and collaborations among departments helped contribute to our bronze designation. In the spring 2016 semester, the KU Bicycle Advisory Board partnered with graduate students from the Department of Urban Planning who assessed KU’s current cycling conditions on campus and provide suggestions in improving the Campus Bike Plan, led by the Center of Sustainability.

Priority suggestions outlined in the plan include implementing new standards for bike parking and end-of-trip accommodations, such as showers and locker rooms, adding signage and road markings to identify bike routes, and hiring a campus bicycle coordinator.

“I ride my bike when the weather is nice. During my first semester at KU, I found a path in a nearby neighborhood between the residence halls and the center of campus that I could use so I wouldn’t have to go up and down the hill,” states Haozhan Huang, progressed AAP3 student and junior in computer engineering “[Riding my bike] I can see what’s going on around campus and I can explore more around Lawrence.”

More implementation plans to come. In the meantime, be sure to check out KU’s current biking routes and parking.

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