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KU Latin American Graduate Organization Highlights the Works of Seven Latin American Women Writers

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The University of Kansas has more than 600 student and community organizations registered with the university which allows students to get involved with their interests outside of the classroom. Getting involved in student organizations allows for leadership growth, opportunities for an early start in getting involved in your academic field and career networking, and to grow and develop more of your interests with other students on campus.

We are excited to have our guest blogger, Ms. Nadia Ruiz who leads the Latin American Graduate Organization to write about an important event held for International Women’s day.

On March 8, the Latin America Graduate Organization (LAGO) organized an event highlighting the works of seven Latin American women writers––Adela Zamudio, Carmen Lyra, Alicia Yánez Cossío, Patricia Cortez, Lucila Gamero de Medina, Ángeles Mastretta and Julia Álvarez.

One of LAGO’s main purpose is to invite the university community to learn more about Latin American’s diverse culture. We decided to create an event where we could provide a space highlighting and recognizing the brilliant work of these Latin American women. It was very important for us to draw attention to their work because they have not yet received the recognition they deserve. And this month on the heels of International Women’s Day and “Day Without a Women” strike, LAGO celebrates the work of women.

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LAGO spotlighted these writers with posters that told their story and gave a brief breakdown of their literary contributions, which were set up for visitors to read at their leisure.

The event’s keynote speaker Professor Stephanie Kirk, from Washington University in Saint Louis, illustrated the genius work of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz – an advocator for women’s right to education.

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LAGO was created mostly by Latin America graduate students. The goal was to have a space to meet for social, cultural, and academic connections, and collaborate with other graduate students with interests in Latin America, KU, and the Lawrence community.

If you would like to learn more, please follow the link to contact LAGO.

Introduction and conclusion written by Lara Tenbarge. Edits provided by Lara Tenbarge.

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