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KU Ranked #26 in Employability in the Nation; How the Career Advancement Program Prepares Students

In more than 100 United States universities chosen by employers, the University of Kansas ranked number 26 in employability in preparing graduates for jobs, according to the Times Higher Education.

One of the many ways that KU has earned their top ranking in career readiness for our graduates is through a team effort by the Academic Accelerator program and the University Career Center to offer the Career Advancement Program (CAP) to each academic accelerator student, giving each student a step forward toward their chosen career upon graduation.

“I feel that the CAP program is a professional program that helps students with a step-by-step guide in building skills to prepare for our future, such as how to find companies, how to interview for a job, and how to create a resume.,” states Yuhan Ye, progressed AAP student, junior majoring in Geography. “The CAP program is the connection between college and career.”

CAP Dimensions

According to the University Career Center, CAP is a program based on seven     dimensions of employability outlined in The University of Kansas Employability Curriculum. It is intended to help students prepare for the careers through educational resources, experiential activities, and reflection.

In each undergraduate accelerator program, students will earn three of their seven career dimensions before progression which gives students a huge boost in career preparation. AAP students will earn the academic learning, career maturity, and global perspective dimensions through their courses in UNIV (Live, Learn, Grow).

academic learningcareer maturityglobal perspectives.jpg

Here’s how:

In UNIV 103 (Live, Learn, Grow II) and UNIV 101 (Live, Learn, Grow IV), depending on which AAP program the students enter in at KU, students participate in creating a one-year academic plan, work with their advisors at the undergraduate advising center, and demonstrate college readiness through academic assignments to fulfil their academic learning dimension.

Concurrently, in UNIV 103 and UNIV 101, students explore career and occupation research using a variety of online tools. Students also write an essay connecting their academic plan with their career maturity assignments and attend an etiquette luncheon hosted by the University Career Center. This luncheon teaches students the proper United States table mannerisms, particularly for future situations when students may have business meetings or interviews while dining.

For students to earn their global perspectives dimension, all students enroll in UNIV 104 (Live, Learn, Grow III) in their last semester in the AAP. This course explores various aspects of global citizenship and intercultural competence.

Learn more about the CAP program and internship opportunities.

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