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KUAAP Goes Paintballing!

 Game on! The KUAAP group went paintballing during spring break, and everybody had a great time. Competition was fierce between Team Austin and Team Artie.

Team Austin – “Ready for anything”


This is picture of our team, Team Austin. We did really well — we won the first two matches! This is the team standing before the first match, looking very intimidating. Xiaoying, in the far right in blue, actually shot my friend Tamaraz on the opposite team to win the first round for us. I was out, but we were all shocked to see her walking back into our paint reloading area as the final survivor of that round.

 A Game Winning Strategy


This was before we started the castle raid. This is the team hanging out and discussing strategy. Akshay, in the blue, told me to go down the far right side. He wanted me to go solo and run for the sniping tower outside the fort. I ran down, and it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t worried about falling, even though it was steep, because we were having so much fun.

Stay Focused


In this picture, I was just trying to see where everyone was in the fort. I was looking to get a better grasp on the opposing team’s position. From here, I actually shot two of my opponents on the floor of the fort through different windows, helping our team press forward after being pinned down taking cover. 

Reload Rescue


This was kind of funny. My teammate was out of paint bullets, so I told him to run over so I could give him some ammo. The other team was shooting at us during this picture. I am actually really surprised he didn’t get shot, because he was barely ducking. My teammate here ended up winning the entire match for us, so I feel proud that I was able to give him the ammo to get the job done.

Ambush Maneuver


This was when I was taking cover. I was waiting for my teammate to move to the bridge, so that I could move up and cover him. Then I would be able to get up and move forward behind him. Here we were trying to come up the back side of the fort according to my friend Akshay’s strategy. But I improvised. He said we should go far right, but we decided to risk getting shot and get across the bridge for better positioning.

Mind over Matter


In this picture, we were defending the fort, and I was waiting for the opposing team to move down the hill. I was thinking about where everyone was and was trying to create a mental picture so that I would know how to react when they came down. We did very well this round – only one person got out on our team.

This is going to become a KU AAP tradition – so Team Austin will have to be prepared to defend the title!  Go Team!!

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