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KU’s 143rd Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations to the class of 2015, and to the University of Kansas for its 143rd Commencement; here undergraduate and graduate students were congratulated for there degree completion and awarded honory degrees.

Continue reading to witness the days events in pictures taken at the commencement!

The Last Attendance Call

KU Commencement School Flagsflickr

Before commencement, students excitedly lined up behind their prospective school in preparation for their march down the “hill”.

Walking The Line

KU Commencement School Flagsflickr

To begin the ceremoney, jayhawks triumphantly walked down the hill into the football stadium to the sound of KU Band trumpets.

Will The Real Jayhawks Please Stand Up

KU Commencement School Flagsflickr

At an appropriate time in the ceremoney student’s yelled and hollered at the sound of each school’s dean prompting them to stand and be acknowledged.

Crimson and Blue


KU Commencement School Flagsflickr


The ceremony concluded with singing the iconic and traditional KU commencement song, “Crimson and Blue”.

The Commencement Ceremony always marks the most significant and joyous ceremony of the academic year, for more pictures follow this link to KU’s Commencement Flick


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