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Leadership and Involvement Opportunity: Student Senate


As an international student, you probably don’t have United States citizenship and won’t be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election in November. However, democracy is an essential part of America and with the upcoming Student Senate elections, you can still have a chance to participate in the democratic process. As a student at the University of Kansas, you are eligible to run for a position as a senator, help someone else win a seat, and vote in the elections for Student Senate. 

KU Student Senate

What is Student Senate you might ask? Student Senate is a governing organization of the entire student body of the University of Kansas.  

What does Student Senate do?  Annually, the Student Senate makes use of close to 24 million dollars for KU students. All of that money comes from student fees and goes back to the campus by providing services to students on campus. Student senators also work with many administrators on campus to ensure that their voices are heard in the decision-making process at KU.  

Get Involved

As a Student Senator you can be part of a group that makes a real difference on this campus. Particular seats that might be of interest to you include the International Undergraduate position and the Freshman/Sophomore College of Liberal Arts and Sciences position. As a senator, you will have the chance to be a leader on campus and make positive lasting change to the KU experience, as well as help students be the best they can be.  


Student senate elections will be held on April 13th and 14th. Those are the dates when you will be able to vote for student body president, vice president, and senators. If you are interested in running to be a student senator, check out the link below. 


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