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Lessons from Saleh AlAmeri’s Progression Ceremony Speech

Progression ceremonies are a bittersweet time for the KU Academic Accelerator Program, because they mean saying goodbye to students as they move into their sophomore year at KU. 
But they can also be a time of celebration; and to speak for the student’s, Student Leadership Council President, Saleh AlAmeri, addressed the ceremony attendees with a short speech over his time with the KU AAP.
Below is the footage from the event as well as some lessons Saleh gave his fellow students to take with them into the future.

Saleh AlAmeri Progression Ceremony Speech

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.” 


What Saleh means is that life should be lived for making memorable experiences with others. Here you can see Saleh with two of his best friends he met here at KU, Abdulaziz (left) and Mohamed (right). 

And Saleh made many memorable experiences with the KU AAP; including baseball games, volleball games, concerts, and hanging out with the friends he made at KU.

“Dont waste time because time is the one thing you can never get back.”


Time should be cherished, which means putting your time in the places it can be most valuable. According to Saleh, his time at the KU AAP was more than well invested. In this picture, you can see all of the classmates Saleh met, with whom he grew as close as family.

As Saleh puts it, “I believe that this one year I choose to come to the KU (AAP) was one of the good years of my life, maybe those high school years were kind of harsh, but thankfully…because of the KU (AAP) staff we feel at home.”

Saleh left the podium to cheers, and to a table of high-fiving friends.

The entire KU AAP staff looks forward to Saleh’s succesful future, and also to seeing him someday walk down “the hill” as a KU graduate


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