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Meet the New KU AAP Student Services Team (Part 1)

The Making of a Legendary Team 

Think of some of the best teams in history – like the 2008 KU basketball team or the Avengers, for example. What did they have in common – great teammates.

Thats why the KU AAP went and got their own Iron Man and Mario Chalmers.

Introducing, the KU AAP’s new Student Services Advisors, Katelynn Soendlin and Victoria Phillips! These new teammates will aid in student academic success, planning fun events, and being all-around SUPER HEROS for students!

Meet the New KU AAP Student Services Advisors!

Katelynn Soendlin


Before coming to KU, Katelynn completed her undergraduate education at Olivet Nazarene University, where she earned degrees in International Marketing and Spanish.

She also studied for a semester in Costa Rica where she completed an International Business Institute which took her to thirteen commerce-driven nations.

Katelynn sees her role in the Academic Accelerator Program as one that fosters cultural awareness while aiding international students to harness the possibilities of an education achieved abroad.

“I feel extremely fortunate to work as a Student Services Advisor at The University of Kansas. I can experience the beauty of diversity every day by simply coming to work.  I have the privilege of aiding students in achieving their academic goals, and these students brighten my life by sharing their unique stories and personalities.”

Victoria Phillips

KU AAP Teammate Victoria

Victoria’s passion is in global education and she loves traveling and learning about new cultures.

She has a B.S. in Psychology and is from the University of Florida and a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs from the University of South Florida.

Victoria sees her role as a way to help students get acclimated to the institution and ensure they are academically successful during their time at KU.

“I love getting to know students on a personal level, and I want to help every AAP student find their place at KU! The University of Kansas is an institution rich in history and culture, and I want to ensure that every AAP student feels part of the rich KU legacy.”

Pretty impressive right? Stay tuned for Part 2, introducing the 3 other NEW Student Services Advisors!


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