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Playing Basketball in America

Boling comes to KU from China. He is the current Public Relations Chair for the KUAAP student leadership. Boling plans to eventually graduate from KU Law School, and is also a huge KU basketball fan. Read his story about playing basketball in America here.

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Fast and Furious


Here I am practicing my dribbling. I like to play basketball, but my disadvantage is that I am kind of skinny. So I practice more on dribbling especially the “crossover”. That way I can move faster and more controlled. I also practice my footwork, so I can change directions quickly to throw off defenders. By practicing my dribbling and footwork I score the ball much easier.

A Tall Order


I also spend much of my time practicing my basketball shot. I’m usually not the tallest player on the court, so I need to be able to make shots farther away from the basket. Even though I practice a longer range shot there will still be defenders to block me, so I practice jumping and shooting over them.

Muscle Matters


In America I am usually not the biggest player on the basketball court either, so I workout at the KU Recreation Center to get stronger. I need stronger and bigger muscles to compete with the large players here. In China I played basketball with my friends who were all about my size, but here players are much bigger. My friends here in America are huge in size and it’s not as easy to compete with them. So I work out hard to improve my strength, so I can win here.

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