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Popular American Foods: Top 10 Appetizers, Entrees & Sides II

It’s still winter and this might just be your good excuse to get more calories to keep the cold out. Here are some of the most popular American food that you’ll find in your dining hall or the restaurants near you. We hope you are ready… to be hungry!


1. Tacos


Keeping with our international theme, Americans love tacos inspired by Mexican cuisine. Good luck eating just one.


2. Fried chicken

fried chicken

Especially popular in the American south, this crispy chicken is as delicious as it is unhealthy. Don’t be shy about eating with your hands.


3. Chicken fried steak

chicken fried steakvia

Speaking of fried chicken…the name refers to the batter, commonly used for fried chicken. Because this is America, where we even fry steaks sometimes.


4. Thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinnervia

Giving thanks is easy when turkey, mashed potatoes, bread stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce are involved. It’s just like the Thanksgiving meal you had on campus.


5. Sloppy Joe

sloppy joesvia

We’re not sure where the Joe part comes in, but this tangy ground beef sandwich sure can be sloppy, or messy. Worth every napkin.


6. Grilled cheese sandwich

grilled cheese sandwichvia

This comforting sandwich combines melted cheese and bread that’s toasted golden brown. To be healthy, ask for tomato too. Or be American and ask for bacon instead.


7. Meatloaf


A loaf….of meat? Yes. A loaf of meat. Ground beef (and sometimes ground pork too). You can expect to find this curious but popular dish in the dining hall regularly.


Drooling now? If you miss our first part of Popular American Foods, make sure to check it out and drool some more.


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