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Preparing for KU’s Fall 2015 Students

Each year, KU focuses on organizing a better orientation for new students. During the orientation of Fall 2015, the KU AAP welcomed a big group of new international students from around the world.

Before they came, we prepared a lot of things in order to make them feel as part of the family here at the KU AAP.

1. The KU Origami Jayhawk


When new international students received their gift bags from the KU AAP, they also found a new piece of paper with the KU logo on it. Students could take that paper and make an origami Jayhawk. It was a great first impression of KU and the KU mascot for them. It was so sweet!

2. Gift Bags


Before new international students arrive, we provide a gift bag for them. Also, in their dorms, we leave a big box with bedding and other necessities included. Lastly, when they arrive to check in, we give them this blue package as an introduction to KU. The bag contains their orientation schedule, and some small gifts.

3. Fishing for Swag


In order to welcome the new international students, we provide them with various kinds of warm-up activities that give them a sense of family, and allow them to get to know eachother. Our student ambassadors usually work to help them feel welcome as well.

What would you like to see in your college orientation? Please tell us below.



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