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Sporting KC vs. LA Galaxy Soccer Game

Fans cheering, fist bumping, and bright lights all around you — this is Sporting KC.

KU AAP student’s experienced their first Sporting KC soccer game this last weekend in beautiful Kansas City. They passed around the team’s U.S. Open trophy, took pictures with friends, and cheered Sporting KC to victory.

A Championship Team       


This is me (on the left) and the rest of the KU AAP team with the U.S. Open trophy that Sporting KC won this year. It was really heavy! I couldn’t even lift it without help from everyone else. It was cool, because our group and everyone in General Admission were able to hold it and pass it around.

Moonlit Mayhem

I took this picture because I thought the moon looked really beautiful in the background. It looked really bright to me in the dark sky, though I almost couldn’t see it because of the lights above the soccer field.

Friends Forever

Here are two of our students, Ayan (left) and Abdulla (right) standing next to me. Behind them you can see the two friends they invited to come too.

We had a lot of our students who brought friends with them, because the KU AAP had extra tickets and could pay for their seats too. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Here you can see the Sporting KC warming up before the game. In the orange is Graham Zusi he is one of their best players, and our Student Services Advisor, Viktoria, swore that she saw him at Target in Kansas City. On the far left with black hair is Dom Dwyer. He actually scored 1 of the teams 2 goals on our side of the field. We went crazy!!


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