When can I get to campus?

We hear this question every day from international students like you. With the coronavirus pandemic, we understand that visa availability and travel plans may have been impacted. The University of Kansas has options for you so you can start your degree on time.

We are working to get you to campus as soon as possible, in ways that prioritize your health and safety. KU is prepared to support you in beginning your university journey in a way that is tailored to you. Explore our start options below.


Option 1.

On-Campus Spring Semester—January Arrival

The University of Kansas will remain open for the Spring 2021 semester. You are welcome to arrive on campus in January to start classes in person on February 1, 2021, if that is possible for you. Our team will be available to support you during your transition to life in the U.S.


Option 2.

On-Campus Spring Semester—Late Arrival

We are offering a rolling arrival option that will enable you to start classes online beginning February 1, 2021 and arrive to campus later in the semester to continue your classes in person.


Option 3.

Virtual Spring Semester

If you are unable to arrive on campus for the spring semester for either start option, you can take your first semester online—no study delays or interruptions—and transition smoothly to the University of Kansas next semester.

For more information about the Spring 2021 semester start options at KU, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Find a solution that works

Explore which path to your university degree makes the most sense for you:

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa appointment by December?

Answer: Yes

Question 2: Are you able to book travel plans for January?

Answer: Yes

On-Campus Spring Semester—January Arrival

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa appointment during the start of the spring semester?

Answer: Yes

Question 2: Are you able to book travel plans by March?

Answer: Yes

On-Campus Spring Semester—Late Arrival

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa to arrive on campus mid-semester?

Answer: No

Question 2: Are you able to begin your University of Kansas degree virtually from your home this fall?

Answer: Yes

Virtual Spring Semester

For all application and payment deadlines as well as move-in and program start dates, please visit the Important Dates page.

Why Start with KU Online?

Experiencing delays in arriving to campus on time? Here are five reasons to start with KU Online.


Start now

Don’t delay—start your degree program now, with no interruptions.


KU credits

Take the exact same credits you would take if you were on-campus.


Top professors

Learn from top-ranked KU faculty with other KU students.


Dedicated support

Get academic assistance with KU advisors, plus guidance on your transition to campus.


Become a Jayhawk

Join the KU community with regularly scheduled virtual events with students on-campus and around the world.

Stay informed

During this time of uncertainty, we are here for you. See how we have been supporting our students this semester:


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