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Student Ambassadors and Peer Mentors Help Students Feel at Home at KU

Our student ambassadors and, now since beginning of August, our peer mentors, who are progressed students from the AAP, have helped students minimize culture shock and build a connection to campus life and the Lawrence community through our Peer Mentorship Program.

“Our Student Ambassadors are student leaders at KU and are an important part of the KUAAP team. They provide a peer connection to the students that isn’t replicable as a staff member. They provide a student perspective on our students’ interests, cultural norms and values, and academic needs. Their knowledge and input is invaluable to what we do here in the AAP, and we wouldn’t be successful without them!” states, Tori Phillips, assistant director of student servicesstudent and mascot

Meet one of our Student Ambassadors, Lu Yin.

Country of Citizenship: Beijing, China

AAP Program: I joined AAP in Fall 2014 and progressed from it in a year.

Major: Computer Science

Favorite KU Tradition: During the orientation, the International Student Services (ISS) director will call a country and the international students who are from that country will stand up. I enjoy this because international students from my country is the most at every orientation.

How long have you been a Student Ambassador?

I have been a Student Ambassador for almost a year, before that I also helped out with orientation as a volunteer.

What made you decide to apply to become a student ambassador?

I came to KU in 2014 as the first generation of AAP. At first, I couldn’t understand every word or sentence in English, and I wished there was a student elder than me, familiar with KU and could speak the same language with me to help me. I think many students have the same situation as me. For now, I am the ambassador to help with new students.

What do you enjoy most about being a student ambassador?

Every orientation, ISS will introduce KU resources and services to the new international students. When I came here, I couldn’t understand it, however, when I become a student ambassador, I came to enjoy the presentations by ISS, because I felt that I understand more than the last orientation, every time I listen to the presentation I understand more, it means I am moving forward.

student sitting at desk

students gathered at table Describe what you do as a student ambassador.

From my point of view student ambassadors are a belt that connects student and their advisors. Student Ambassadors are students’ friends and big sisters or brothers. I meet new students every semester, most student ask me questions about restaurant options, some ask me about academics, some talk to me their worries. I think what I am doing as a student ambassador is listening and helping.

What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?

I love planning and traveling, I’ve been to NYC, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Orlando, LA, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, and St. Louis. I love walking in cities I’ve never been to, and I love the local food.

Cooking is my second hobby, I cook for myself when I am free.

How would you describe KU?

KU is like a large classroom, every people at KU is a student and a teacher. Everyone is different in this classroom, and I enjoy conversations with new students, I always learn new things from new people.

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