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Student Service Advisors Engage with Students through Instruction

On a warm, but not overly hot, day on August 22, the steam whistle blew signaling the first day of the fall semester. This also signaled the first day for the KUAAP student service advisors (SSAs) to meet their new students in their Live, Learn, Grow seminar (known at KU as UNIV) that they will teach to their students for the next sixteen weeks.

One of the many ways that the KUAAP SSAs connect and engage with their AAP students is through instruction. The KUAAP team has worked in collaboration with KU’s First Year Experience office to develop the UNIV course sequence to meet the needs of our AAP students.  These first year experience courses are credit bearing and integrate the same course objectives that domestic, non-AAP students learn in their orientation seminar.



Each semester AAP students advance further into the UNIV course and build on strategies for academic success and KU resources.

In UNIV 102 (Live, Learn, Grow I), this course focuses on the student’s strengths, wellness, academic success planning, and information literacy. Students in this course have presentations by the health center, Bystander Education, and Counseling Psychology department.

In UNIV 103 (Live, Learn, Grow II), this course focuses on the Career Accelerator Program (CAP) and social justice and identity. The students attend a US etiquette luncheon to learn about US table manners.


In UNIV 104 (Live, Learn, Grow III), this course dives into global citizenship by introducing students to concepts in civic engagement, intercultural communication and competence, and globalization.

In UNIV 101 (Live, Learn, Grow IV), this course emphasizes academic and career planning, critical thinking and communication skills using the KU Common book, and time management and academic success.

“The opportunity to teach our students allows us to see our students on a weekly basis, we can help them to learn about US classroom expectations, and to develop skills for academic success.” says, Tori Phillips, assistant director of student services.

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