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Student Spotlight: Abdullah Abdlelah

Meet one of our progressed AAP students to learn more about his first year and a half at KU:

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Name: Abdullah Abdlelah
Country of Citizenship: Iraq, but resides in the UAE
AAP Program: AAP3; Progressed
Major: Petroleum Engineering

Why did you choose KU?

When it came time to decide where to go to college, my dad suggested that I pursue a Petroleum Engineering degree, and because it sounded unique to me, I started looking for schools that ranked highly in that area. As I was searching, my agent suggested KU because it’s one of the best. He also said that a lot of people from Dubai go there, so I thought, “why not go to KU and find my community there?” I could feel like I’m at home and, at the same time, meet other people from different countries.

What has been your favorite class at KU?

I’m taking both engineering classes and KU CORE classes. My favorite class that I enjoy is my English 101 course, and now my English 102. I selected the same teacher who I had in English 101 because I really like her. She is fair on grading and is really helpful. I learned a lot from her. I’ve improved my writing and speaking skills because the amount of presentations we give. She gives good notes and I can speak and read better now. 

What do you think of Lawrence?

I like it more. I see it as a nice place. At first I saw it as a small, college town, nothing like back home, but now I see it as a perfect place to live in without distractions from college. It has a variety of restaurants. I like where I live off-campus. It’s close to shopping and the movie theatre. We have students living all around us, and that’s a good thing.

Funny Thing is…

During my first semester at KU, I thought, why not leave a mark and do something that people will remember me for? So I decided to pull a prank at the end of class: I had a friend call me and say (on speaker phone) “Your country needs you!” Then I ripped off my jacket to show my Superman suit beneath it and ran out of class. After class, my friends said that the professor started clapping and the class joined in, too. 

Abdullah Abdlelah at Progression Ceremony SU16.jpg

Photo taken at Summer 2016 progression ceremony. Students present their poster presentations to their peers and KU faculty.


Photo taken at the KU Fall Homecoming Parade 2016. International students join the parade with their country’s flag as part of a parade of nations.

Want to learn more about Abdullah’s undergraduate accelerator program, click here

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