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Student Spotlight: Oluwabusola Carrena

Meet one of our current students to learn more about her first year at KU in the Academic Accelerator Program:

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Name: Oluwabusola Carrena
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
AAP Program: AAP3; Progressed
Major: Psychology; Pre-Med

Why did you choose KU? 

After high school I looked into some colleges and Universities but I chose the University of Kansas because of the AAP program. The AAP is a one year program for international students which I knew would be helpful for my transition into the United States. I knew it would be a good way to make good friends which I can rely on in terms of being far from home because they would understand me.

What has your experience at KU been like so far? 

My experience at KU has been great. The teachers and faculty help you academically, mentally and physically, they do not pressure you to do anything but rather give you professional advice and then let you decide. The events should not be missed, especially the basketball games. I have made good friends with some AAP students, roommates and classmates. I am currently not in a student organization but I am looking into joining some medical organizations because it will help me build a connection with experts in that field and also make more friends I can bond with.

Describe a funny experience that has happened on campus since you arrived at KU.

My first week at KU was very fun because we had orientation and the AAP staff engaged us in different fun games and my favorite was the one where each group had to wrap someone in tissue paper. The game was so fun because so many people looked funny wrapped in tissue and everyone had fun.

Want to learn more about Oluwabusola’s undergraduate accelerator program, click here.

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