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Student Spotlight: Shaohuan Hu

Shaohuan Hu

Name: Shaohuan Hu
Country of Citizenship: China
AAP Program: AAP3; Progressed
Major: Biology

Why did you choose to study abroad? 

I think the academic education for biology is better in the U.S. than in China. It’s more developed. Also, there is more freedom in choosing your courses that you are interested in.

What was your first year like at KU?

At first, I felt culture shock. When I accepted the academic process, I felt like I could handle the classes and the people better. I participated in a lot of campus activities and organizations that made me feel more connected to the campus.

How do you think the AAP helped you in your first year at KU?

I appreciated that the AAP helped connect me to the faculty and domestic students on campus. I remember when I was in the AAP, I had the flexibility to choose which math class I took [the times/days per week]. The AAP helped me to improve my English, and I could earn credits with the classes I was taking so I didn’t get behind. I cultivated friendships with my cohort because I had classes with them for two or three semesters compared to other students, who you could have in class for one semester and never see them again. I have a good bond with my friends. I meet with my friends from the AAP still, and even now, I just ran into two friends from the AAP. We run into each other on campus and spend time together at events.

Did you feel prepared going into your Sophomore year?

Before I went into my sophomore year, I felt prepared. When I was in the AAP, I took a variety of classes and topics. I didn’t feel so stressed to start my second year.

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