Thinking about studying at KU?

Thousands of international students come to the U.S to study here.
Here is why you should join them, as an Academic Accelerator student.

Humberto, Mexico
Major: History and Economics

“When I was trying to decide where I wanted to study in the United States, the first thing that made me want to come to the middle of the United States was the university. I felt really welcomed which is basically what made me what to come to the Midwest and I can assure you that everyone here will make you feel like part of the community.”

Raynaldi, Indonesia
Major: Electrical Engineering

“The advisors have been a big help to me throughout my first year here in KU. They would simplify answers to any questions that I have, even researching it on their own if they don’t know the answers. They would also give useful information, and aside from that, are comfortable to have a chat too as well.”

Rui image

Rui, China

Major: Architecture

"I started looking for universities before I graduated from high school. I knew about KU from my English teacher. The Architecture & Design at KU is really great in the United States. And, KU is located at city which has same climate with my hometown."
Abdullah image

Abdullah, Iraq

Major: Petroleum Engineering

"When it came time to decide where to go to college, my dad suggested that I pursue a Petroleum Engineering degree, and because it sounded unique to me, I started looking for schools that ranked highly in that area. As I was searching, my agent suggested KU because it’s one of the best. He also said that a lot of people from Dubai go there, so I thought, 'why not go to KU and find my community there?' I could feel like I’m at home and, at the same time, meet other people from different countries."
Yeonsoo image

Yeonsoo, Korea

Major: Psychology

"During International New Student Orientation, I felt comfortable meeting new people. We knew we were not first language English speakers so when we said something we could make a mistake and there was less pressure about it."

“My favorite thing here at KU is my American roommate Kennedy, from Michigan... She introduced me to all her friends on our floor, so sometimes people will come talk to me just because Kennedy has told them good things about me.”

Biwei, China

"I choose KU because I was looking for a big school that has a variety of classes, clubs, activities and sports. I also wanted to go somewhere where I could have a social life outside of the classroom. Also, the KU International program got my attention because I want to continue to improve my English skills."

Samuel, Spain and Mexico
Oluwabusola, Nigeria
Major: Pre-medicine and Psychology

“The events should not be missed, especially the basketball games. I have made good friends with some AAP students, roommates and classmates. I am currently not in a student organization but I am looking into joining some medical organizations because it will help me build a connection with experts in that field and also make more friends I can bond with.“

Parshwa, India
Major: Mechanical Engineering

“I want to join KU’s Jayhawk Motorsports, which is a student organization that builds go-carts for Formula One. I’ve talked to people in the organization and they tell me it gives you really practical engineering skills that will complement my studies. In Mechanical Engineering, 70% of the learning is practical knowledge and the other 30% is textbook knowledge.”

Your new friends are waiting!

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