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Three Must-Know KU Topics for International Students

KU International Jayhawk
Before arriving in Lawrence, KS international students usually have a lot questions about what their new life at KU will be like.

In this blog, I will provide information on three popular topics, I believe, are important to international students, namely campus housing, dining, and transportation.                                                                      


KU - Campus Housing
KU Housing

In my opinion, KU’s housing is an excellent choice for students. KU students can enjoy a lot of benefits in their residence hall such as, wireless internet, study spaces, and free printing at any “print anywhere” station.

Furthermore, as international students, many of us don’t have any experience living with a roommate; however, in my opinion, it’s a wonderful opportunity to make an American friend and understand American culture much quicker.


KU Dining
KU Union

At KU, campus dining is known for its variety. KU has many different dining areas around the whole campus to account for different peoples’ tastes. Campus dining also provides different kinds of food for different religions, such as students whose beliefs require them to be vegetarians.

Moreover, in each dining hall students can sit anywhere with plenty of seats and fast wireless internet. Also, my favorite thing about our campus dining is the excellent self-service ice cream; you have to try it!


KU on Wheels
Lawrence Transit

KU provides fast, on-time, convenient, and comfortable bus service not only on campus, but also in the whole Lawrence, KS area. Each student can take a KU bus and go almost anywhere in Lawrence for free! Again, It’s free!

In the evening, our campus transport also provides what’s called “Safe Bus” and “Safe Ride” services to give students a convenient way to get home at night. Sitting on the campus bus, students get a wonderful look at the different campus landscapes from a unique perceptive.

Moreover, KU provides enough parking areas around the campus for students, staff, and visitors. KU also encourages students to ride bicycles or take the bus to be Eco-friendly, which is a goal of ours.

If you have any more topics you’re interested in, or would want to see on our next blog, just leave your comment below. Thank you!

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