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Three Reasons Why I Chose KU


It can be hard for international students to choose the right university, because of the numerous criteria used in deciding what makes a university the best fit.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t difficult for me to make my decision. Here are the three main reasons I chose to come to The University of Kansas.

Reason #1: The City of Lawrence

The map of Lawrence

Before I came to Lawrence, Kansas, I didn’t even know where Kansas was. One thing I did know, though, was that Kansas was far away from urban areas, which meant that the culture and lifestyle would be more American, in a traditional sense, and that’s what I wanted the most!

Moreover, I wanted to go to a place where there were fewer Chinese people, which I knew would encourage me to speak more English and become more involved at the university.

Reason #2: KU’s Basketball Team

KU Basketball

If you never watch a basketball game in your life, you’ll regret it, but if you can watch a KU basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse, it will change your life. Even when I was in China, I knew about the brilliant history of the KU basketball team.

As a Jayhawk, I am proud to talk with my Chinese friends back home about my university’s basketball team, which is actually one of the Top 10 College Teams in the United States.

Reason #3: KU’s Beautiful Campus

Campus Wide

Before I came to KU, I searched for pictures online of KU’s campus. What I saw was many Western-style education halls. They looked to me like standing testaments of KU’s 150 year history. I could imagine myself sitting on the hillside, and watching the sun go down; I wanted to enjoy the landscapes of this historic campus.

By the way, since KU has been around for over 150 years, I cannot imagine the history this university must have seen, but what I can imagine, is my wonderful future after I graduate from this excellent university.

Thanks for reading my reasons for choosing KU. What’s the most important things you consider when choosing a university? Please, comment below.

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