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Three Tips for International Students to Save Money

KU_Save_Money.jpgAs one of the most historical and famous universities in the U.S., KU provides international students with a wonderful higher education experience.

At the same time, it can also be expensive for international students to study abroad. Here are three tips to help international students save and earn money while at school.       

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1. Earn Extra Cash on the Side


When you have a job, it’s much easier to save money. KU allows international students to work on campus as part-time workers. Students can apply to work in the library, computer labs, or student centers doing technical work.

Students can also apply to work for dining services at KU, preparing and serving meals to students, and getting paid by the hour. Keep in mind, that there are various other part-time jobs for international students to choose at KU.

Lastly, applying for a campus job is a wonderful opportunity for international students to make new friends and make their resume stronger.

2. Keep an Eye Out for On-Campus Events


Here at KU, there are various student events happening all the time! Jayhawkers can check their calendars and e-mails to find out when and where events are taking place, so that they can join them. Some of these events include: International Coffee Hour, The Big Event, and the Career Fair. At these events, there is usually food, school supplies, and even free T-shirts.

Also, signing up for a campus organizations has many benefits including free food and gifts and most importantly will boost your extracurricular experience at KU. Signing up for a campus organization is highly recommended. They provide students with friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 

3. Apply for Scholarships and Discounts


If you think it’s too late to apply for a scholarship, think again. Our university provides different kinds of scholarships, including last-minute scholarships for those who weren’t able to submit their applications on time.

Also, there are scholarships for academic achievers, as well as special discounts for members of campus organizations, so take advantage of them! Within each school at KU there are many other specific scholarships and awards. Do not be shy, apply today!

In summary, studying at university in the U.S. doesn’t have to break your bank. As long as you plan your finances early, and maintain good spending and saving habits, you’ll be fine.


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