Undergraduate Dining

As a KU AAP student, you must have a dining plan, unless you have selected Tier 0 housing. This makes it easier for you to find and enjoy delicious food on campus.

Here is how it works: When you eat at Mrs. E's or South Dining Commons, your plan is billed $5.50 for breakfast and $8.25 for lunch or dinner, no matter how many items you choose to eat.

Dining options include:

  • All-you-care-to-eat meals at Residential Dining Centers
  • 15% discount on each item when buying food or drinks at 20+ campus dining locations
  • Unused fall semester dollars roll over to spring semester
Dining services include vegetarian, vegan, or halal meal options, and will work with you to make sure that your dietary needs are satisfied.

All prices listed in U.S. dollars.

Entering Summer 2020 Entering Fall 2020
2 semesters $2,695 $3,600
3 semesters $4,495 $4,495