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Why I Joined the Career Advancement Program


What is CAP?

CAP stands for the Career Advancement Program, and is a program that helps students learn more about their intended career path. It also helps students learn more about what being a professional looks like, and helps them develop a plan to achieve their career goals.

Why I chose CAP

I joined CAP because someday I want to be a great Engineer and achieve my career dreams. Specifically through CAP, I want to get an internship, because it will help me apply for jobs and be more successful in my future career. An internship will also help me develop my professional skills.

Another thing about CAP, is that it can help me achieve my goals through a dimension in the program called Career Management, which is tailored to developing my resume and honing my interviewing skills. The program also allows us to do mach interviews with professionals, and get feedback from our CAP advisor.

Come join CAP

I enjoy CAP because it is flexible to my needs as a student. For a student, homework is always the top priority; but because CAP is flexible, I can work on it during my free time. By joining CAP, I am one step closer to achieving my career goals, so come join CAP and you will be another step closer to your career dreams too!


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