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Women Jayhawks of the World


Historically, women have been taught to be humble in the way as they talk about themselves. The AAP, the KU International Women’s Association, and the KU International Student Services decided to create this campaign to honor and celebrate the active presence of women at KU. In these photos, each woman represents the breath of women on campus and the amazing impact they make on the KU community. They have chosen an adjective that represents themselves and the strengths that they use in their daily life, academic studies, the organizations they lead and the research they conduct.

Many of them have moved miles away from their relatives, they have left their comfort zones to pursue their professional aspirations. Once they graduate they will continue influencing local and global communities.

We thank them for accepting our invitation. We are Jayhawks of the World.

Here are some of their stories behind the adjective they chose:

NeeliB.jpgDr. Neeli Bendapudi, KU Provost, former international KU Ph.D student, India & U.S.

Dominican Republic_Pamela.jpg“To me, being an international student at KU from the Dominican Republic benefits KU, in the sense that it creates more diversity. I am an architect, and architecture in the Dominican Republic is very different from architecture in the United States and definitely in Kansas. So, in that sense, having more variety of thought and experience enriches the classroom environment. KU has given me more sense of belonging in a lot of ways. Being a Jayhawk means something, which we don’t have back home. University is just a place we go to school to get education. But here, being a Jayhawk means belonging to KU and actually giving something to the community and getting something back”.
Pamela Paulino, Master Student in Design Management, Dominican Republic

China_Lu_Wang.jpgI’m confident because I chose to study abroad to make a difference of my life and I have survived.
Lu Wang, PhD Student in Higher Education, China

france_Helene.jpgI am strong because I feel like I can face any challenge and KU has only helped me get stronger.
Hélène Solot, Visiting Student Researcher in History, France

Honduras_Jessy.jpgAfter coming to KU, I realize that boundaries exist only in our minds. Here (at KU) I was able to make friends from all over the world and I was able to see that my abilities and everything that I learned back in Honduras can still be applied not just here but anywhere. So I consider myself boundless.
Jessy Ayestas, PhD student in Higher Education, Honduras

brazil.jpg“Don’t be afraid to say you are intelligent. Don’t be afraid to give yourself credit for your hard work. Great minds inspire others.”
Marianna Vieira Dos Passos Simoes, PhD Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brazil

“Being unique makes me confident which is the major key to help you get over every obstacles.”
Binh Bui, undergraduate Architechtural Studies, Viet Nam

nigeria.jpg“KU made me feel independent because I have been able to make decisions for myself and become more confident.”
Mariam Balogun, undergraduate Biology major, Nigeria

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